Hi, I'm Chani

I teach people how to create a more abundant life by using the natural rhythms of the moon... cultivating happiness, purpose & clarity whilst enjoying life, being highly effective and in a state of total flow.

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About Chani

Through her renown global online programs (The Healthstyle Emporium & Babes In Business), thriving social media community and top-ranked podcast, Chani inspires thousands of women around the world within her community to do life & business soulfully through her existing platforms.

She proves that by tuning into who you really are, and living life aligned with your highest values unapologetically, anyone can beat the overwhelming pressures to push harder, give from an empty cup & work hard at every second in order to try achieve abundance. 

Women all over the world are now breaking up with their inner voice who is constantly running them in circles & telling them to work and try harder, knowing there is more within themselves & to life itself.



Moon Magic ® shows you HOW to flow with the cycles of the moon to create abundant life. This practice shows you how to use the zodiacal themes to set intentions and manifest your desires all whilst embracing life’s normal ebbs and flow, cultivating productivity in your work, happiness in your relationships, and creativity in the life areas you are wanting to work on most.

Claiming your personal power
Falling into a state of flow using natures natural rhythms
Bring your dreams + intentions into reality
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Money Magic | Creating Your New Money Story


After years of mentoring thousands who get “stuck” in their life / business / career… feeling like they can’t move forward or don’t even know what they want out of life… I‘ve come to realise the biggest thing holding many back are the limiting beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind

A series of beliefs you’ve had programmed from either an emotional or significant event in your childhood or a belief you’ve inherited from a parent or adult from your childhood & even at times, adult life.


This has led you to have a certain story around money, which has you convinced you have a certain identity around it. This identity drives your behaviour and decisions which ultimately creates your current reality because of the way you act, think, speak & believe.

Most of these beliefs, we’re not even aware we hold until we dig deep and do the inner work.

Everything you believe about money, you’ve been taught to believe & now as an adult it’s the very thing working against you. The resistance and sabotage comes from your disempowering money story that’s old & no longer serving you!

The great thing about limiting beliefs is that as quickly as you learnt them, you can UN-learn them & totally rewire your brain.

I believe there are thousands of money beliefs but 5 core ones that stem from the foundations and are deep rooted within our subconscious mind. 

So through my own research on the quest to crush my own limiting stories around money over the years, I’m so excited to bring to you my 5 day course to help you shift your subconscious beliefs around money & get ON with your life’s work as you welcome in the wild abundance you know you deserve & are worthy of through my Money Magic Community.